I am a writer / educator with a fierce love of science, stories, & the natural world.

I believe that global change is the most urgent equity and existential challenge of our time. Also, that curiosity might just be the the salve for hopelessness. I seek out narratives at the nexus of environment, climate change, justice, science, and whatever else’s compelling therein. I always and continuously strive to weave diverse voices and perspectives into my reporting.

I have a soft spot for glaciers and the icier parts of the world. One time, I ran across the Grand Canyon (and back) in a day. When I’m not writing, teaching or procrastinating, you’ll find me hiking, skiing, and climbing around the mountains, always with coffee, most ideally with dogs.

I am currently based in Jackson, Wyoming. I earned my B.A. in Environmental Studies from Carleton College, and hold a digital media certificate from UC Berkeley.